Nike’s newest game-changing training platform.

Nike+ Run Club. Nike+ Training Club.
And now, Nike Hyper Court.
Nike’s first full-scale hoops training platform.
Are we balling today?


Introducing the streetcourts of the future.

Hyper Courts are streetcourts augmented with AI,
connectivity, and content.

The experience is built on three innovations:
An AI-driven app that turns the court into your coach.
Tailormade training videos streamed via a local Google server.
And revolutionary ‘Smart Murals’ featuring art that trains you.
It’s a next generation court for the next generation of ballers.

There’s a new beautiful game in town.

We had the rare opportunity to create everything from scratch.
It felt natural to name it after their top sneaker: the Hyperdunk.
And it felt fitting to make it their most baller-looking platform.
Inspired by what ballers love, we created the new visual language of hoops.

The Hyper Court app. The court has spoken.

At any Hyper Court, you can access an AI-powered app that lets the court ‘chat’ with you.
It asks whom you wanna play like.
Creates a step-by-step program.
Send you drills to watch. Tracks progress.
And kicks your butt when you need it.

This is not a drill.

Hyper Court training content feels nothing like work.
We stole from video games. Comic books. Even anime.
And created drill videos as entertaining as they are instructive.
Best of all, you stream it all from a local google server.
No burning your own data.
No more excuses.


Smart Murals.
Street art gets booksmart.

What looks like random art elements—lightning bolts, clovers, clouds, fireballs, rubble—are actually markers for where to stand, run, catch, pass, shoot. With each carefully placed based on actual analytics of the player in the mural. Street art has never been so smart.

Built for greatness. Here for good.

Hyper Court exists to help ballers play like their heroes.
This is no short term goal, so Hyper Court is not short term project.
Every month, Hyper Courts are being installed or upgraded.
With the latest update made just for female ballers.

The ultimate creative work-out.

We created more than 1000 diffferent assets.
A complete visual identity system. 600+ illustrations.
100+ videos. A app built from the ground up.
Merch. Posters. Social assets.
All in six months.
Here are some of our favorites.

Dir. Dave Ma






D&AD Pencil
CCA 4x Grand Prix
Spikes 3x
Many More

Concept, Creative Direction, Copy Aste
Creatives Dillah Zakbah, Sudhir Pasumarty
Kara Bautista, Deng Tee, Grace Wong,
Jinglin Lee, Joel Sow, Jereek Espiritu
ECD Joakim Borgström
Producers Sam Dalton, Lesley Chelvan, Jonathan Gerard

Illustration Arturo Torres
Photography Xander Angeles
App Development Google + Media Monks
Directors Caloy Soliongco, Carlo Perlas
Production WYD, Tower of Doom, Edge of Llight
Agency BBH